How to Enhance Garage Security

Automatic garage door openers can be fantastic conveniences, but they can also be the weak link of your garage security. It is a pretty simple task to break into your garage and at that point, it can be a lot easier for someone to gain access to your home and require repairs such as garage door service in Orange County. These are a few tips you may want to implement to increase your garage’s security.

Enhancing Garage Security

The best way to keep a person from using the coat hanger to break into your home is by disabling the emergency release lever. This also denotes that you will not be able to use this way to get in by yourself. The cord linked to your emergency release lever can be a minor convenience when you need to trip the lever. It’s also a simple thing to grab onto from outside with a clothes hanger. On other garage door openers, a plastic cable tie or thin wire can be used to connect the lever with the carriage assembly it’s attached to.

The lever will always have a hole in it (for connecting the release cord) and certain carriage assemblies use holes to run the cable or wire through. If yours doesn’t, you can always drill your own hole. The objective is simply making it practically impossible for a coat hanger to have the capacity to pull your lever down. You also want to have the ability to remove or cut your lock from the inside of the garage.

Lose the Automatic Garage Door Opener

Going “back to basics” will afford more garage security in Orange County at the expense of convenience. Get rid of the garage door opener and use a manual lock to secure your door. This means that you’ll need to exit your vehicle as you get home, unlock the garage door and raise it by yourself just like the old days. It also indicates that someone with no key won’t be able to carry out the very same act.