Tips on Customizing Your Garage Door

When it comes to garage doors, the right color, size, and additional attributes like windows can bring a lot of character to it. Customization is key to making a great impression on all those who drive up to your home. However, many people typically do it incorrectly. As a result, their garage door doesn’t quite fit with the rest of their home. To help ensure your garage door looks great, unique, and matches your home, consider some of these tips.

Focus on Color

The first aspect that you need to consider when customizing your garage door is its color. For those who really want to make the door stand out, you should think about bold colors. Try to stay away from shades like yellow or purple unless your house also happens to be those colors. Instead, you may want to think about a modern black or deep brown. Even a dark blue can look great on the door. The aspect to keep in mind is matching it to the rest of your house. If your home lacks color, then think about matching the garage to your roof. Play with different shades to determine which makes the most impact.


While you may not originally think that shape matters much with customizing your garage door, you’d be wrong. Sure, garage doors are typically rectangular in shape, but you can sometimes have professionals install a door that defies visual logic. Look for an Orange County garage installation service that offers doors which are unique in shape and design. You’re sure to make passersby stop and look in envy with a door that’s unlike anything else anyone offers.

Make It Yours

Not unlike the front door, your garage door is a wide canvas that allows you to display how unique and creative you are. By focusing on aspects like color and shape, you can craft the perfect garage door for your home’s unique personality.