How to Childproof Your Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most commonly used features on residential properties as homeowners access their vehicle and the tools or storage items in the space. For families with little ones, it’s important to keep a close eye on your kids to ensure that they’re safe around the door. You can also reduce the risk of injuries by following these childproofing tips.

Perform Monthly Inspections

Make it a point to perform a visual inspection every month to identify any areas of the garage door that need to be repaired or replaced. Take a close look at the springs, rollers, and pulleys, which are all prone to suffering from wear. It’s also crucial to test the automatic reverse feature to ensure that the garage door doesn’t close down on any objects or people that are in its path. You can also check the balance to ensure that the garage door opens and closes well. If any issues are discovered, you’ll need to immediately hire a technician to perform Orange County garage door repair.

Assign Door Duty

If you have older kids, you can assign door duty to ensure that they keep a close eye on the younger children to ensure they don’t get too close to the garage door as they play outdoors. Establish rules that prevent the kids from having any contact with the garage door to protect them if it opens or closes.

Practice Garage Safety

Setting a good example for your children will help to teach them garage door safety. Always maintain a safe distance from the door when it’s opening or closing and keep all objects out of the way as it operates. You’ll also want to avoid performing any of the repairs or maintenance yourself to protect yourself from injuries. If you avoid all contact with the garage door parts, then your children will be less at risk of touching the feature.