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Vintage Garage Entrances: Should You Resize to Standard Size When Upgrading?

Garages are vital in modern homes, and they require security from intruders. At some point, you may need to upgrade your vintage garage based on some reasons like the increased number of vehicles within the compound, the type and size of your new vehicle, and upgrading to the modern type of garage from your outdated one, among many.

The standard garage entrance is usually eight by seven feet. However, the sizing of your garage entrance depends on many factors. Below are some of these factors:

Size of Your Garage

The entrance of the garage depends mainly on the size of the garage itself. For instance, if you bought a house with an attached garage, you may not be able to change it. However, for a new garage, you should consider the garage’s size before deciding on the entrance size.

Size of the Vehicle

The type and size of the vehicle(s) you have will determine the garage entrance’s size a big deal. Trucks, sedans, SUVs all need a different amount of space; therefore, you should consider them when setting up the entrance.

Number of Vehicles

While setting up your garage entrance, you should figure out the number of vehicles that should be parked in there. For two or more cars, there should be a 2-meter distance between cars. This means the entrance should be big enough to accommodate them.

Additional Space

Some people usually need additional space within the garage to store some stuff like farming tools, kids playing toys, animal feeds, and even work tables. The entrance should be big enough to allow movement in and out of the garage without having to move your vehicle.

However, when setting up your garage entrance, you should consider contacting a professional expert to help you design it. Choose an Anaheim garage door repair expert that will help you in the future if you need anything changed or added.