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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Size

Whether you are working on a new build or updating a structure, you will need a new garage door installation in Orange County. Before you choose a door for the garage, it is important to consider what sizes and types of vehicles you will want to store in the garage. If you plan to use your garage for a large vehicle, you will need to choose a door to accommodate its entrance and exit to the garage.

Doors for Cars

Standard-sized garage doors measure 10 by 7 feet, 9 by 7 feet or 8 by 7 feet for a single door. Most of these doors will accommodate a typical car, minivan or smaller sport-utility vehicle. These doors are designed for garages that fit one car. They can also be installed side-by-side if there are two separate openings in the structure of the garage for a garage door.

Doors for Larger Pickup Trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles

There are also double garage doors available. These fit onto garages that are sized for two cars. The double doors measure 16 by 7 feet, 14 by 7 feet and 12 by 7 feet. They can accommodate the movement of two cars or a large sport-utility vehicle, van or pickup truck.

Doors for RVs, Boats and Other Large Vehicles

If you have a large recreational vehicle, boat or semi truck to store in your garage, you will need a commercial-sized door. A large motor home or semi truck will need a door measuring 32 feet 2 inches wide by 24 feet by 1 inch tall. If you have two or more trucks, vessels or RVs to get into and out of the garage, you will need a bigger door.