Latest Technology Used in Garage Doors

Selecting a new garage door for your home can be difficult when there are so many options available for you to choose from. If you want to pair your home with a technologically-advanced door, there are an array of possibilities that you’ll want to keep in mind during your decision-making process.

Energy Efficiency With Doors That Appear Like Wood

Wood garage doors are considered to be less energy-efficient than most of their counterparts like aluminum and steel. However, many modern garage doors have been built to appear very similar to natural wood without any of the downsides. These garage doors are typically made from steel or fiberglass before being outfitted with wood grain textures and stains. If energy efficiency is among the most important aspects for you when choosing a garage door, these faux-wood doors are available with an R-value of up to 19.2.

High-Tech Openers

When you’re purchasing a new door for your garage, you’ll likely want to upgrade your opener as well. Many modern door openers come with a bevy of features that are designed to make using the door simple and convenient. For instance, some door openers are designed to continue working even if the power goes out by using rechargeable batteries that are able to build up a charge from the current of your house. Modern garage doors are also equipped with a range of features that allow them to operate quietly when being opened or closed.

Security Features With Smartphone

Many of the latest garage doors have been built to be operated by a smartphone or computer, which gives you full control over your garage door no matter where you are. By downloading an app that’s tied to the door, you can customize settings for when your garage door is closed after you leave the home. The door could be set to close in one minute or ten. These apps also come with event logs that detail every time that your door was opened or closed, which adds some additional security.