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The Many Ways Your Garage Door Takes Damage

There are many sources of damage our garage door can endure. The weather may damage the door panels, and moisture may destroy electromechanical mechanisms. We may cause problems ourselves in the way we park our car. To extend the life of your garage, you may need to call Orange County garage door repair experts.

How the Elements Affect Your Garage Door

The weather can change your garage door’s appearance and functionality. Rain and snow are significant sources of moisture during cold seasons. If the door absorbs water, this may result in damage to the structure itself. Snow can increase the water damage and accumulate on the door. Warm weather can also affect your garage, but the effects tend to disrupt the door’s function. The garage opener won’t respond during the summer. Heat is damaging the motor mechanism within the door frame.

How We Damage Our Garage Doors

You can damage your garage door by accident. You might bump your car door while leaving for work, or try to close it while an object is in the way. To avoid car bumps, you need to pay attention to how you position everything in your garage. Avoid placing rakes or other objects that might fall close to the door. Check your rearview mirror every time to avoid bumping the garage door on your way out. A few steps can make a difference in the frequency of damage.

Other Forms of Damage Your Garage Faces

There are other forms of damage to your garage door. Mold and pests are two striking examples of these dangers. You may not notice these problems before they become difficult. Mold can grow near the mechanical parts of an electric garage door and wear out the motor. Pests are easy to spot, but they can cause damage before you can resolve the issue. Sometimes, the structure of the house may affect the garage, and you may find yourself dealing with a damaged door. These problems may require the services of a professional to fix them.