Popular Garage Door Materials You Can Choose

Choosing a new garage door for your home can be a lengthy process given how many options are available to you, which is why it’s recommended that you do some research before making your final decision. One choice you can make that will help you narrow down your options is to select the material that you want your door to be made of. The materials available to you include steel, aluminum, and wood, each of which has its own unique benefits.

The Durability of Steel

Steel is a highly durable and tough metal that provides you with a material that requires hardly any maintenance. It also comes equipped with a substantial amount of impact resistance due to how difficult it is to crack or bend, which means that a basketball or chunk of hail can hit the door without causing dents. These doors can also be outfitted with a fiberglass overlay that can provide additional durability to the door and will protect the steel from rusting. Consider choosing a door with a gauge in the low 20s as higher numbers indicate a thinner steel while numbers in the low 20s provide you with a door that will hold up to a large amount of wear and tear.

The Appeal of Wood

This is a material that is typically selected for a garage door due to its innate charm and the aesthetic appeal that it can provide to a home. Although these doors are designed with beauty in mind, they are also strong and come in a variety of different woods, providing you with an array of styles that you can choose to pair with the exterior of your home. The most common woods selected for a garage door include cedar, mahogany, and redwood.

The Versatility of Aluminum

This is a metal that is known for its versatility, as it’s available in lightweight garage doors as well as heavy-duty doors that are built with strong frames and laminated panels that are resistant to dents. This metal is 100 percent resistant to corrosion and can be recycled completely once you’re finished with it. Because of how light an aluminum garage door is, the door itself doesn’t put much strain on the mechanism that causes it to open and close, which should allow it to last a long time.