The Best Colors for Your Orange County Garage Door

The real estate market in Southern California is almost always hot, but you can sell your home for even more money when you update the space to work with current trends. Even if you aren’t in the market to sell your home, you can still make your garage look more pleasant and appealing with a new coat of paint or a door in a new shade. Check out some of the trendiest colors for garage doors in Orange County.

Cool and Crisp

A large number of homeowners in Southern California prefer garage door colors that are cooler and crisper. These colors act like neutrals and can work with the look of your home and any colors used on the exterior of your home without detracting from the design you like. Examples of cool and crisp colors include slate gray, robin’s egg blue, ivory and sea foam green. To create a complete look, you can paint your front door in the same shade.

Bold and Bright

Not everyone likes the look of neutral colors, which is why garage door installation Orange County companies also offer doors in bolder and brighter colors like sunshine yellow and brick red. Picking a brighter color is a great way to make a statement and to make your home stand out, especially if you live in a community where there are only a handful of housing designs.


Dramatic colors like black and royal blue work best for homes that feature similar colors in lighter shades. If your home uses pale blue and a slightly darker color along the trim, an even deeper shade of blue on your garage door will create a look that lets all those shades work together. Garage door companies in Orange County offer dozens of colors of garage doors and can help you find the right shade that will work with both your garage and home.