Common Signs Your Garage Door is Outdated

The garage door is one of the main components of residential properties and contributes to the curb appeal of the setting. Over time, the feature can begin to age and look outdated due to frequent use and exposure to the elements. If you want to decide if it’s time to replace the feature, there are a few common signs to look for to determine if your garage door is outdated.

Frequent Repairs

Although garage door repairs are common from time to time, you shouldn’t need to fix issues on the parts every month. Older garage doors are prone to breaking down more frequently because the parts are no longer as durable. You may find yourself spending money on garage door services in Orange County on a frequent basis, which can make the feature costly to maintain throughout the year. It can be worth the investment to install a new door to avoid having to repair it consistently.

Missing Features

Older garage doors may be lacking certain features that are now included in modern garage doors. There may be missing panels on the garage door or it may not have insulation, which affects the climate inside of the garage and increases your energy usage in each season. Newer garage doors are built with bottom rubber seal and weather trim to maintain the interior of the garage.

Poor Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is significantly influenced by the quality of your garage door. You may have poor curb appeal if the garage door is several decades old and looks worn or is an outdated color shade. You’ll want to replace the feature if it dates your home and causes it to look older or unattractive. A new door will boost the curb appeal of the setting and can also increase the value of the property.