Common Issues With Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers can last several decades before they need to be replaced, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from issues from time to time. Garage door openers have many different parts and mechanisms, which means they require attention to continue operating well over the years. If you want to maintain your garage door opener, there are a few common issues to be aware of as a homeowner.

Unusual Noises

You may notice that unusual noises and sounds can occur when the garage door opens and closes each time. Although it’s normal for some sound to be present when the parts are in use, you may notice that you can hear the noise inside the house or from a distance. Unusual noises are often due to damage that has occurred to the carriage, the drive gear, or the torsion spring. Drive gears that are damaged or worn down it will begin to make noise before it becomes inoperable. Contact a professional immediately to perform garage door service in Orange County to prevent the issue from escalating.

The Door Won’t Open or Close

You may find that you can’t get in or out of the garage if the door fails to open or close. Start by checking the breaker to determine if it’s tripped. If power is still available, the entire switch may need to be replaced. Check to see if the door opens, which will tell you if it’s a problem with the transmitter.

The Door Opens and Then Closes

You may have difficulty getting in or out of the garage if the door opens and then immediately closes. The issue is often due to damaged or worn springs that need to be replaced. Some springs break after a few years due to how much pressure and stress they experience when the door functions. You can save on the cost of replacing the springs by replacing all of them at the same time. Avoid handling the springs without the help of a professional due to the risk of injury that can occur with the parts.