Do Garage Door Windows Add to Curb Appeal?

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to have garage door windows installed into their door is because it enhances the door. Windows can look great and add an element of sophistication to an otherwise boring garage door. However, before you have it installed, you should check as to whether or not you can benefit from having windows. This article will discuss garage door windows and their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: Natural Light

One of the best advantages that you can receive with windows is natural light. For those who work in their garage or spend a lot of time in their garage, having natural light can be a great benefit. Garage lights can sometimes only go so far. Natural light not only saves money, but it can often sometimes be brighter than artificial light. With enough windows in your garage, you can fill it with a bright light that allows you to easily see and work on projects inside of your garage.

Disadvantage: Drafts

A downside of garage door windows is that it can allow drafts to enter the garage. Because there’s a gap in the door, wind can seep in through it. Even properly sealed windows can eventually break out of the seal. Garage doors, just like anything else, expands and shrinks due to the temperature. This can create gaps in things like windows and doors. For someone who has a workshop in their garage, the drafts can be bothersome. It can also require a garage door repair in Irvine over time because the shifting makes the gaps too large for the window to securely rest within its frame.

Make Your Decision About Garage Door Windows

Clearly, there is a big advantage and drawback to having a garage door window installed in your garage door. On the one hand, it can provide a big dose of natural light that can cut energy costs. Yet it can also introduce drafts that can make working in the garage too cold or too hot. Choose what best fits your needs.