These 4 Overlooked Garage Door Problems Cost Others Thousands

Right as you’re noticing your garage door has failed to properly work, see if these most common problems are the cause. Remember that professional help may be required. These systems have the potential to be extremely dangerous when handling without adequate training.

Your Remote Control Batteries

Although this is somewhat obvious, it’s amazing how incredibly common people forget to check the batteries. Using brand new ones and ensuring they’re correctly fitted into the remote may solve the problem. If it does, be glad it was this easy and don’t chide yourself for overlooking to do this in time.

Maligned Eye Sensors

The photo-electric sensors in your door must be perfectly aligned for best performance. If something bumped them out of place or the lenses got dirty, the garage door won’t work, and your door won’t be safe. It’s not a good idea to attempt garage door repairs in Irvine, including realignments, yourself. The devices are very fragile, that’s why precise professionals will work best.

Dirty or Bent Tracks

If the garage door rests on a metal track, the sensitive pathway can become full of leaves, dirt or sustain damages. This will impact the steady movements of your door and lead to potentially life-endangering situations.

Broken Springs

One or more springs breaking is all too common of a problem. These important components are relied on to stay in almost constant tension while your system is functioning. If they snap, you’ll have more to deal with than just your door becoming inoperable. It turns your door into a potentially very dangerous machine to run, even by hand.

It’s extremely unwise for you to work to replace or repair these pieces yourself. Garage door springs are something only trained professionals should handle because they can lead property damage and/or laceration. Moreover, the tension redistribution that happens when one breaks will open up the risk of your garage door suddenly collapsing altogether.

No matter how small your problem may appear, calling a professional technician is always better. The complexities hidden within these kinds of systems make them inherently dangerous to fix.