How to Prevent a Garage Break-in

Garage door repair in Orange County is sometimes necessary because some aspect of the doors were damaged during a break-in. Residential burglaries occur every 18 seconds in the U.S., and a majority of those housebreaks occur during the day and with the thief having gained access into or even through the garage!

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

It may seem obvious, but statistics reveal that the garage doors were up in most of all garage-related burglaries. Make it a habit of closing your garage as soon as you use it. Consider a programmable garage door opener as well. Programmable openers can be set to automatically close at certain times. Everyone is forgetful from time to time, and this sophistication gives you peace of mind.

Security System Integration

Integrate your garage doors into your home security system. The prevalence of smart technology, including garage door openers, makes that much easier and affordable than you may expect. Your garage doors can trigger audible alarms, activate nearby lighting, initiate recording via surveillance cameras and even send you a notification via SMS to your smartphone.

Make Your Doors More Theft-proof

Modern garage doors have come a long way in this regard. If you have a newer door, it may already be up to snuff, but it’s worth assessing your scenario. Your opener should be inspected at least every several years for many reasons, but ensuring that your doors cannot easily be opened with brute force is among those reasons. Windows are another area of concern; experts recommend ensuring that they are not easily compromised and that they are tinted or frosted to prevent peaking.

Take Care With Your Remote

Never leave your garage remote in plain sight, such attached to a sun visor in your car. Consider switching to a smartphone app as opposed to a traditional remote, and ensure that your system uses rolling codes or another approach that cannot be easily hacked.