Garage Door Repair for 3 Smart Pet Entrances

If you allow your dog to go outdoors, your pet needs a way to get in and outside your home. Some pet owners may choose to let their pet out manually, but you may not always be at home. You also may not want your dog scratching at your door. Read on to find out how a garage door repair can turn your space into a smart pet entrance.

Make a Garage Door Repair

You could cut a pet entrance into your door. A garage door repair Irvine renovation allows your pet to come and go freely. With this option, some pet owners are worried about destroying the integrity of their garage doors.

Control Your Door with Smart Devices

Technology is constantly changing, and manufacturers are trying to keep up with the changes. A garage opener compatible with Liftmaster myQ is one way for your pet to gain entrance to your home. The myQ app allows you to open and close your garage door and receive activity alerts. You can have a set of eyes on your dog after a visit from garage door repair service Irvine CA company.

Install the myQ Smart Hub

If you have bought a garage door within the last few years, you may want to consider a myQ hub. This device must be mounted on the ceiling of your garage. It also comes with sensors that must be attached. After installing the hub, you can download the app.

The app for myQ hub can be used on iPhone and Android devices. You can control it from your smartphone. When you see your dog headed towards your house, you can lift the door. It helps to have a professional company near Irvine to explore making changes.