Your Garage Door Is Important for Security

Most of us are likely to invest in security to keep our homes secure, from alarm systems to deadbolt locks. At the same time, so many of us neglect the security of our cards, perhaps at a subconscious level that it is a lower-valued part of the property.

On the contrary, thieves would love to ransack your place in search of tools, parts, and other goods that sell quickly in informal markets. This is why you should at least make your garage door secure enough so that you are the only one opening it.

Don’t Randomly Leave It Open

If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you may be lazy about closing the door if you’re away for only brief periods. On the contrary, there are always criminals scouting neighborhoods for lazy homeowners. Leaving that door open for just a 30-minute period may be just enough for someone to ransack your valuables. This is even the case in gated or upper-class communities.

Keep Your Remote Safe

While the physical safeguards of a garage door are enough to keep the lowest hanging fruit out of your property, more clever criminals realize that they only need a remote to open it. This may include leaving it in your unlocked car or leaving it in an easy to reach inside. To prevent dropping it, invest in a keychain so it is always with you.

Have It Professionally Maintained

A garage door that is easy to break into is one that is broken. Hire a company experienced with garage door repair in Irvine so that you may have routine maintenance done on essential functions. It is especially important to have corrosion taken care of mechanical parts, hinges, and locks.

You may also hire a professional to reinforce your door and emergency release. Upgrades may also include wide-angle peepholes, deadbolt locks, or tinted windows.