Repairing a Garage Door That’s Come Off Its Tracks

Having an off-track garage door can be an inconvenient and frustrating process. It often seems to occur at the worst time and can leave you seemingly without options. If the door is stuck open, you may have no way of securing your home. If it is stuck down, your car may be helplessly trapped inside. In either case, a garage door repair on a door that is off its tracks is generally a straightforward process with just a few tricks.

Identify Which Side Is Off-Track

The first step is to identify which side is causing the problem. While standing on the inside of your jammed door, look to see which side of the door has come off the garage door tracks. Luckily, the mechanism for a garage door is fairly simple and easy to see, so the problem should be readily apparent.

Inspect an Off-Track Garage Door for Damage or Obstructions

Before putting the door back into its tracks, it is important to see why it malfunctioned in the first place. Carefully inspect each wheel to make sure that they are mounted straight and spin freely. Then, examine the track itself. The track should be straight with no obstructions or dents along the surface. If you notice that either component is bent, gently tap it back into shape with a hammer or pry-bar.

Gently Pry or Tap the Door Back into the Track

Once you have inspected the track and identified the problem, carefully pry the wheels back into the track. Garage doors often have a lot of pressure holding them in place, so make sure to use extreme caution. If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact a reputable company that can provide a garage door repair in Irvine. However, if you feel confident, simply pry the wheels back into the track until the door is realigned. Then, open and close the door a few times to make sure it is operating properly. If so, then you’re done!