Outfit Your Garage for Your Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle comes with several benefits, like energy efficiency and low fuel cost. Because of that, most Americans are shifting from gas-powered to electric automobiles. However, before you buy an electric car, you need to make a few changes and installations to your garage. Here is a list of some of the crucial installations your garage will need before it can conveniently house an electric car.

Set Up a Charging Station for Your Electric Vehicle

You can purchase electric car service equipment from car dealerships anywhere in America. However, you need to know what you are buying. Various EVCs are depending on the car model, so you need to identify the one suitable for you. The right charging station will fit with the charger attached to your car. This charger harvests AC energy from your garage and converts it to DC to power your vehicle.

These chargers are available in two varieties: the 120-volt, 12-amp station and the 240-volt, 40-amp station. You can pick any of them, but the 240-volt station will take a shorter time to power your car and is, therefore, more expensive.

Station Installation

You will need to rewire the circuits in your garage because sharing one outlet with multiple appliances will slow the charging process. To ensure safety, get a certified electrician around your location to rewire your electric system.

Safety Considerations

The EVCs are high-power outlets and present a safety hazard when left accessible to children or other members of your household who are unfamiliar with its operations. Therefore, you should consider getting a Long Beach garage door repair expert to safety-proof your garage door. It would be best if you also got them to insulate the door to prevent drastic temperature fluctuations in your garage because car batteries are affected by temperature changes.

Reorganize the Garage

Finally, you may need to reorganize the position of items in the garage to provide space for your new car.