A house with a two door garage entry and wide driveway

How Many Garage Doors Do You Need?

If you’re looking to install or renovate a garage for your home, you’re likely to come across a common issue. That is whether you’re going to opt-in for a single garage door or will you need extras. The following includes a list of factors to consider before making your final decision on the number of garage doors.

How Many Garage Doors for a Workshop?

A great way to utilize a large garage is to convert it into your very own workshop. Being able to have room to create DIY projects, work on your vehicle, and store heavy equipment is the dream of many. However, if you only have one garage door, then that can make things a little complicated. An important reason why you would need an extra door, in this case, is due to the fact that your personal vehicle is going to be parked there as well. Having an extra door allows you to move things in and out without worrying about damaging your car or not having enough room. Contacting a Irvine garage door repair company can help you determine which type of the door is best for your particular garage.

Boat Storage

One of the most common ways that homeowners utilize their garage is by using it as a storage unit for their boat. They choose to store them within the garage as boats can become heavily damaged by extreme summers and winters. However, if you also keep your car in there, it can become quite an inconvenience. Installing an additional or even third door can greatly improve your monthly boat maintenance tasks as you now have room to move around freely and even take it out if needed.

When a Single Door Is Enough

If your family has just one vehicle, then all you really need is to install one door to your home’s garage. Depending on your location’s climate, an aluminum door is more than enough to protect your car and assets from the elements.