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How to Manually Lock Your Garage Door

Your garage door provides you with an abundance of benefits. These include protection from the wind, rain, cold, heat, and would-be thieves. However, those benefits go out the window when you experience a total blackout within your neighborhood. Surely you want to ensure that you can leave at any time if you must, but you also don’t want to keep your door open all night. The following includes important information on how to manually lock your garage door.

What Is Manual Mode?

Before you can learn how to lock your door, you must understand the process of going into manual mode. When you experience a loss of power, you are going to want to look open your garage door in the event of an emergency. All you have to do is look up towards the middle of the garage or on top of the garage door. You are looking for a red rope. Pulling this rope releases the door from the motor, and thus you are able to open and close it manually. If you are unaware of where this string is located within your particular door, it is recommended to contact a garage door service Orange County company.

Manually Lock Your Garage Door With This Device

Once you are ready to leave your home or simply go to sleep, you are going to want to make sure that your garage door is locked. What you’re looking for is a manual locking system that contains a metal latch and handle. Now, there are two areas where you can find this device. You can either find it in the middle area of the garage door or its sides. It should be noted that you must remove this once you are ready to re-attach your door to the motor.