A hand pushing the button to alarm a garage door

Installing an Alarm on Your Garage Door

If you’re looking to add more security to your home, the garage is the perfect place to start. As the most used and largest entry point of the home, it’s also the biggest target for would-be thieves. Therefore, it is critical that this area is protected. However, adding an alarm to both an attached garage and a detached garage can be tricky. Here are a few ways to go about accomplishing this.

Detached Garage Door Obstacles

Unfortunately, many homeowners choose not to attach a security system to their garage door because it’s often very difficult to do so. Wires and other obstacles tend to always get in the way, and thus the alarm won’t work every single time. So, what can you do to avoid having this problem? First, you must understand the two areas you shouldn’t place any system in. The first one includes sections of the garage door that hold obstacles such as wires and bars. The second one includes areas that may interfere with your garage door sensor. So, where can you place it? Homeowners have been having success adding their sensors to the top of the garage. This keeps the alarm functioning properly while also keeping it away from components that may cause it to fail. Note that if you have issues with your door, this is the time to seek the services of a Huntington Beach garage door repair company to ensure that the alarm has the environment to work properly.

Connecting Your Existing Alarm System

If you have both an attached garage and alarm already in place, you do have the option of extending it into the garage. This can be easily done by playing around with your settings within your alarm hub, but if you don’t have the signal reach, that may pose a small roadblock. The solution to that is to invest in a signal extender. Once that is done, the range can be easily extended to your home’s garage.