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The Most Durable Garage Doors

When it comes to the manufacturing of garage doors, most are created to protect your home. Durability is often the number one thing that homeowners look for in their garage doors. Aesthetics is a close second. However, there are a few differences between each one that you should keep in mind the next time you have to purchase one. In order to make the process that much easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the most durable garage doors on the market today.

Durable Garage Doors for Your Climate

The reality of the situation is that even if you can purchase the most durable door on the market, it won’t matter if it’s not suitable for your location. Let’s use a beach home as an example. Since beach homes are close to the ocean, they are likely to accumulate a lot of salt. As you can tell, most materials don’t do well covered in salt no matter how strong they are. This is why so many beach homeowners tend to purchase aluminum, or GRP (glass resin polyester), garage doors as it provides both a durable door and the peace of mind that it won’t rust. If you still need additional advice, you may want to contact an Orange County garage installation company for further details.

Composite Garage Doors

One of the most difficult decisions you are going to have is whether to go for durability or aesthetics. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose anymore. Composite garage doors are to provide homeowners with the best of both worlds. Look for doors that contain a combination of wood fibers and synthetic resins. This will provide you with the beautiful look of a wooden door but also with the strength and durability you need.

Our Final Picks

Let’s say you live in a moderate climate where it’s never too hot or too cold. The best choice for an average suburban home would be aluminum. Aluminum is flexible and won’t be damaged too easily by a bump. However, let’s say that you want security and a door that won’t be damaged by small or large bumps. In this case, steel is the best way to go. Steel provides you with the security you need and won’t be easily damaged by high winds or even a car bump.