Smart Garage Storage System Solutions

One of the most common issues facing homeowners is not having enough storage space within their garage. This often leads to items being damaged, lost, or simply removed. However, there is still a way to keep all your tools and mountain bikes in one area and still have enough room for your car. Here are a few smart garage storage system solutions.

Introduce Storage

Often times, it is not the larger objects that get in the way but rather the many smaller items. For example, if you are someone who loves to DIY within your garage, you’re going to have a lot of nuts, bolts, and other building supplies. When spread out, it can become quite a nuisance. Therefore, the first thing you must do is introduce storage into your garage, such as lockers, cubbies, or even a rolling workbench. This storage system will allow you to store items better and gain a large amount of space back.

Vertical Storage Systems

Leaving your large garden tools around can pose a risk to not only your vehicle but also the garage door. Thus, in order to avoid having to contact a Huntington beach garage door repair company, it is best to make sure that all your tools are stored properly. The best way to approach this is to add a steel rack (which is durable) to your walls. This will allow you to hang your larger tools such as shovels and rakes without worrying about having them drop on your car or on your garage door.

Go High

One of the most overlooked areas of a garage is the ceiling. Some people may dismiss it because that’s where a garage door may roll up to when opened. However, most don’t utilize the entire space. A great addition to add is ceiling storage racks. Installing these will provide you with a tremendous amount of extra storage.