What’s Involved With Painting a Garage Door Mural

Painting your garage door requires some planning and prepping. Once you are finished with those steps, you may find yourself with a stunning garage door mural.

Choosing a Design

Before you start working on your mural, you want to think about what kind of design you want. As with any creative venture, there are several design themes you can opt for. Ideas include having a natural landscape theme, space theme, abstract colors, fantasy theme, or even something amusing like cat eyes. You could also mix and match different themes together to create something completely original.

The Steps Involved With Painting Your Garage Door Mural

Once you have picked out a design you are satisfied with, it is time to move on to actually painting the mural. Masking tape is your friend; use it liberally to make painting an easier task. Other items you may want to consider purchasing include rollers, scrub brushes, paint trays, and of course, paint. Hopefully, you’ve already got some of these items, for that will make the task far cheaper. You’re going to want to start with your darker paints first and then move on to your lighter paint colors. Once you’ve finished with the darker colors, you can protect your mural while it dries with a basic, plastic sheet. Try to hold down the sheet with either a rock or something else that is heavy. The following day, you can touch up your mural with shadows and highlights.

Some Extra Considerations

Before you start painting, check the weather forecast in your area. The weather needs to be as perfect as possible. For instance, you don’t want to start painting if it’s too hot outside because the paint could leave streaks, as it will likely dry quicker than usual. Wash your garage door before you begin your mural. Otherwise, you might end up with paint that doesn’t adhere. This can be accomplished with some soapy water and washcloth or scrub brush. The seams of the garage door, in particular, are easier to clean up with a rag. If this sounds like too much work, you may be better off looking for a garage door service in Orange County.