A Sectional Versus a Roll-up Garage Door

If you’re in the position where your garage door needs replacing, you might be seeking to find out what type of door would be best for your specific needs. You may also find out that most companies that provide Irvine garage door repairs recommend the installation of a sectional or roll-up garage door. But what is the difference, and which would be better suited for you? The following article includes information regarding the differences between these two types of popular garage doors.

A Roll-Up Garage Door

This type of garage door is mainly made out of metal slats or panels that roll up onto the top exterior part of the garage space. This provides owners with additional space within the interior of the garage as it does not need to go inside the building. These are usually the best type of garage door for those looking to store large items or vehicles within the space. These types of doors are also very much in demand because of their durability and low maintenance, making them excellent choices for businesses that want to keep costs as low as possible. In addition, roll-up garage doors provide excellent protection against the elements as well as would-be thieves.

A Sectional Garage Door

Perhaps the most common reason why people choose to go with a sectional garage door is because of its affordability and functionality. Because sectional doors are created out of much lighter materials, you can easily change them at a much more affordable price. This light material, of course, does not affect its durability as it is also very good for locations with harsh weather. Lastly, sectional garage doors allow you to install them within even the smallest driveways as they don’t take up too much space.