A gray, wooden garage door example of choosing a garage door

Choosing a Garage Door That Complements Your Country Chic Home

When choosing a garage door that’s going to set off the look of your country chic home, you’ll need to consider what style, material and color you want. The following tips are great for helping you decide what type of garage door is best to compliment the facade of your home.

Wooden, Metal or Fiberglass

The material of your garage door is the foundation for finding the perfect one. Wood is a classic material that compliments homes with a variety of unique exteriors but is a bit more costly than its metal and fiberglass counterparts. The versatility of wood, however, offers a rich, rustic or sleek look, depending on your home’s architecture.

Metal garage doors are often chosen for their strength, durability and lightweight construction and come in many styles that’ll accentuate the lines, curves and colors of your home.

Fiberglass is another excellent choice that’s great for extremes in either hot or cold temperatures and come in colors and patterns that mimic the grain of wood or barn doors with smooth panels, handles and windows.

Choosing a Garage Door Style

Once you’ve chosen your material, move onto style. Some of the most popular and complementary garage doors for country chic homes are carriage-house and farmhouse-style. The aesthetic beauty of these garage doors will give your country home a clean and classic visage that range from traditional painted white doors to modern glass doors. All with functional designs for maximum durability and everlasting vintage charm.


When choosing the color of your garage door decide whether you want the doors to stand out or blend in with the colors of your home. A contrasting color combination is fantastic if you’re looking for curb appeal while selecting colors similar to your home’s exterior provides a warmer appearance. Garage door repair in Irvine is available for replacements and offers a lovely selection of garage doors that’ll compliment your country chic home with a variety of styles, materials and colors to choose from.