Three Tips on Painting Your Garage Door

If you enjoy DIY projects, you will get a certain satisfaction from painting your garage door yourself. If you’ve just had an Anaheim garage door repair completed and want to spruce up your door even more , knowing a little about the process can help you to make sure the job is being done right. Here are three helpful tips for painting a garage door.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have all the right paint tools before you get started, especially right paint brush. One of the best ways to make your project go south is to be in the middle of painting and realize that you need something that you don’t have. Make a list and check that you have everything on that list. Even if you think you might not need something, get it anyway just in case. Keep the receipt and return it if you don’t use it.

Set the Door to Manual Operation

The reason you’ll want to do this is so that you aren’t having to constantly bend and stoop to paint the door. Doing so can cause back pain and make painting a lot harder than it needs to be. In other words, work smarter not harder.

Make Sure You Have At Least 48 Hours to Dedicate to Painting Your Garage Door

When you paint the garage door, you’re going to have to apply primer, a first coat of paint, and a second coat of paint. Each of these layers could take up to 12 hours to dry each, and you want to make sure each layer is dry before you apply the next. This means that painting the garage door could take 36 hours. Make sure that you have the free time you need to paint and make sure the weather is going to be favorable during that time frame.