Tips for Repairing Your Garage’s Safety Beam

The safety beam is an important part of your garage door. It prevents the garage door from automatically closing on pets or small children. If your garage door’s safety beam is malfunctioning, it could put your family at risk. Here are some tips for analyzing problems with your garage door’s safety beam and repairing it.

Search for Potential Obstructions and Remove Them

If your garage door won’t close no matter how many times you press the remote, there may be an item in the path of the safety beam. Inspect the area where the safety beam is likely to cross and clear away any obstacles that you may have missed, such as old toys or boxes. Once you’ve removed the obstruction, the safety beam will work properly, and your garage door will close again.

Check the Wiring

Sometimes safety beams stop working because of problems with the wiring. If you don’t consider yourself to be a wiring professional, find garage door repair Orange County specialists who can make sure that there are no loose or disconnected wires keeping the safety beams from properly operating. They can also check your circuit board to see if the problem originates there. There can be different indicators for wiring problems such as flashing lights on the sensor display.

Watch Out for Water Damage

Damage from heavy rain or flooding can impair the photo-eye lens. When this occurs, the safety beam stops working. The only solution in this instance is to replace the lens.