Knowing more about everything you should consider when purchasing a garage door will ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase.

How to Select the Right Garage Door

While a garage door is essentially used as a means of keeping your garage secure and guarded from inclement weather, it also accentuates the overall look and style of the rest of your home. There are many things that you should consider when shopping for one, from the available styles to how much insulation it requires.

Types and Styles to Choose From

There are m standard types available. These include the swing up, swing out, roll and slide varieties. Roll up doors are by far the most popular kind, but the swing out and sliding doors can make for a more aesthetically pleasing choice. If you purchase a roll up door, it’s important that you account for the track at the top of the door. Tracks typically need just above 12 inches of headroom between the top of the door opening and ceiling. Low-headroom tracks are available, but cost more. As for style, there are more options available than you could count. These options can be divided into contemporary or traditional. The panels and trim can also make a huge difference in how the door looks.

Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are comprised of wood, aluminum or steel. Each material comes with pros and cons. Wood doors are certainly the most charming of the three but can be quite expensive and must be painted often. Aluminum doors range wildly in price. Inexpensive options have aluminum frames with panels that consist of polyethylene, while sturdier options come with heavy-duty frames and dent-resistant panels. As for steel, it’s relatively affordable and doesn’t require much maintenance. Using a fiberglass overlay will also prevent denting.

Additional Considerations

Insulation and energy efficiency are also important considerations with a garage door. Selecting a heavily insulated door keeps out the cold and makes the door more durable. By keeping the cold or heat out, you will be able to save money on your monthly energy bills as well. Once you purchase a garage door, requesting garage door service in Orange County will allow you to make use of professional installation.