a variety of decorative garage doors

Three Ways to Make a Decorative Garage

Almost everyone has a standard garage door, but upgrading to a decorative garage can bring appeal to your entire home. Many people are worried about attempting this because they think it will be difficult. Others are worried because they don’t have a garage aesthetic in mind. Here are three ways to upgrade your garage with the proper hardware.

Rustic Decorative Garage

One of the best decorative garages that you can make is a rustic one. Most decorative hardware is made for a rustic garage, which also makes this one of the easier methods. You’ll notice that most decorative hardware has a distressed texture to it that adds aesthetic weight while making your garage looking amazing.

Simply choose some metal hardware, like handles and strap hinges, with a strong texture. You’ll notice these tend to have a gently used look to them, which is ideal for that rustic quality. You can add this hardware now, or you can do it while getting Orange County garage door repair.

Modern and Contemporary

Many people interpret modern design differently. Some people see it as using shiny materials, like steel. Others see it with smooth lines and minimalistic but powerful designs. Regardless of how you see it, there is decorative hardware to match your needs. You just need a few simple additions to make your garage go from standard to outstanding. Consider what modern means to you and you’ll have an easier time finding hardware for your needs.

Barn Inspired

This is similar to the rustic garage, and some people may even get the two confused. Both of these tend to use distressed metal, but rustic is more about only using metal while barn-inspired garage doors tend to use more wood. Just a few pieces of decorative wood or wood-like material will turn your garage into a charming garage door. Give this a try, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.