Questions to Ask Old Homeowners Before Buying

When you are buying a new home, you should make a short list of questions that you want to ask the last owners. Those homeowners can give you simple information whether there are any expenses you need to pay out of pocket after becoming the new owner. These questions include unexpected things you may never think to ask about.

Who Does the Landscaping?

Asking the owners about who did the landscaping lets you know if the owners hired a company to handle yard work, which lets you know if you need to pay out of pocket for lawn care. If they did the work themselves, this lets you know that you will need to take care of the lawn yourself, which can take a few hours out of your busy schedule each week.

Did They Maintain the Garage Door?

Always ask about whether they maintained their garage door, especially if you hear the door squeaking or find that it sticks when you try to lift it. Homeowners who schedule regular garage door service Orange County appointments keep their garage doors in good working condition. You won’t worry about the door crashing down on your child’s head, the door sticking when you need to get inside or any other common problems.

How Old Is the Roof?

An unexpected question to ask is about the age of the roof. Standard roofs will last for around 20 years, but some roofs can last for just 10 years or for 50 years or more. This tells you how much longer the roof will last and when you will need to replace it yourself. Replacing the roof can cost quite a large sum. Asking a few unexpected questions before buying a home in Vegas is the best way to ensure that you don’t face costly expenses in the future.