Some Great Benefits to Changing a Garage Door

Very few homeowners give their garage door much thought until something causes the door to working improperly or stop working altogether. If a few repairs won’t get things rolling again, you might be looking at a garage door replacement. But, have you ever considered changing out a garage door that still works? If you wondering what sense that makes, keep reading to learn why getting a new garage door makes sense for safety and finances.

Safety and Security

Older garage doors don’t always work as well as they once did because parts wear out, mechanisms may become faulty, or the door itself may become ill fitting. That’s practically an advertisement that the property is not as safe as possible. A new door solves all those problems.

Even without those issues, modern garage doors are safer than older ones, especially if the old doors are really old. Because of photoelectric reversal systems, garage doors can detect if something or someone is under the door while it’s closing. The door stops and reverses course. Imagine how much safer that is for families with young children or pets. Also making newer doors safer are options to sync them with your home security system and using smartphone apps to control garage access from anywhere.

Save Money

Once an ill-fitting door is replaced with one that properly fits, you’ll probably see your energy bills lower. That’s because ill-fitting doors compromise home insulation. Just think about how many times a day your garage door opens and closes and how that affects the temperature in that space. Keep in mind that the temperature in the garage affects living spaces nearby, so poor insulation could mean you’re using your heat and air more often than necessary. Another money saver that may come with a new door is lower insurance premiums. Many insurers give a discount if the homeowner takes steps to make their property safer.

Increase Property Value

Home improvement projects usually add value to a house, and some add more than others do. Garage doors are one of them. It has an 80 to 90 percent return on investment, which is great news if you’re planning to sell your house. That new door makes the place look better, which attracts buyers, and it boosts the value during home appraisals. Even if you’re not putting the place on the market, the increase in curb appeal and home value resulting from a change in garage doors is a plus.