Common Issues With Garage Doors

When there is a problem with your garage door, you need to call a professional company. It can be hard to find the cause of the problem on your own. A trained technician can find the problem and get your door back to full functionality. Here are some of the most common problems found with garage doors.

Misaligned Sensors

For safety reasons, there are two photosensors on the side of your door. When there is an obstruction, the sensors cannot see each other. This safety feature will prevent the door from coming down the tracks. If your door is stuck in the open position, you may have to realign the sensors.

Power Issues

Most modern doors use electricity for their operation. In some cases, the doors can be manually operated. If your door is not responding, there could be an issue with the electricity. When this happens with your door, a Orange County garage door repair company can help you.

Track Damage

Every door garage operates on a track system. If the track has been damaged, the door will not come up or down. There are many ways that the track can get damaged in your garage. A quick inspection of the track can give you an idea if it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Door Stops Working

When you hit the button on the door opener, you want your door to open. If the door does not respond, you will need to have the door inspected. In some cases, the tension springs are worn or damaged. A spring that has lost its tension will not have enough power to lift the door. Any problems with the tension springs need a professional to inspect them. These springs are under heavy tension and can injure someone if they break.