Timeless Garage Door Designs and Styles

If you want to boost the curb appeal of your home, consider these garage door designs and how they might fit with the style of your home.

Garage Door Designs Options

For starters, there are many possibilities that you can choose as your garage door designs. They are utterly appealing, and they suit your needs at your gorgeous home or commercial property. For instance, the sectional style comes with panel segments that are linked with hinges. It is famous since the doors are steel-made and require low maintenance.

The coiling or roll-up doors as the name implies, go above as they open for you to drive. The best part is that they are durable as they are constructed using steel. Another fabulous make is the slide to side doors that bends to one side to give you room to enter and leave the garage. The highlight is that you can get customizable products at a garage door service in Orange County.

Get More Popular Designs

You can also get other well-known garage door designs such as the side-hinged style. Although it is somehow old-fashioned, it is an amazing choice. It is made of wood, but you can opt for the steel materials for a lasting look. The up and over canopy garage door is one that stands out due to the make. It has a pivoting hinge that tilts up to give way for space as you get in and out of your residence. You can also make use of the tilt-up retractable design that is quite similar to the canopy style. It will depend on your budget and how much space you have in your house.

Garage Door Sizes

You can choose either single or double doors according to your space and requirements. As for the single type, one car can pass through it with sheer simplicity. The dual design allows two vehicles at the same time to enter the building. The best approach is to have the door custom built to fit all your garage needs. Get a vivid idea of the garage door that adds pomp to your place and enhance it.