Vinyl Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door for a newer, better version, than vinyl may be your best bet. However, much like any other type of garage door material, you will have a few pros and cons to it. Therefore, the following list includes important information about both the advantages and disadvantages of installing vinyl garage doors.

Vinyl Garage Doors Pro: Pricing

Perhaps the most common reason homeowners choose to go with a vinyl garage door is because of its affordable price. This is perfect for homeowners operating on a budget yet want a durable and great looking design.

Pro: Maintenance for Vinyl Garage Doors

A very important factor for homeowners is to obtain a garage door that is low-maintenance. Vinyl material is extremely durable and does not require repainting as often. In addition, vinyl is a great anti-rust material to have if you experience an excess amount of water in your area.

Con: Temperature Control

Since vinyl doors are created rapidly and with affordability in mind, they are not often manufactured with insulation added. A lack of insulation can cause the temperature of your garage and your home to fluctuate rapidly. This is not good if you are wanting to keep your utility costs down. You may have a garage door service in Orange County install insulation to eliminate this problem.

Con: Lack of Changeability

Because vinyl is mass-produced in a set designed, changing color or design is very limited. Unlike other types of materials such as wood, very little change can really be done to these types of garage doors. If you’re someone that gets easily bored with material or color then installing a vinyl garage door may not be the best of options to choose from.