Garage doors typically use one of two types of springs for opening and closing. You should know which type you have.

Extension and Torsion Springs – Which Type Are on Your Garage Door?

The majority of garage door springs fall into the categories of either extension or torsion springs. It is important to know which you have. The moment will come when your springs need replacing. Without a little understanding of the difference between the types, you may pick up the wrong springs for your garage door.

The Differences in General

Keep in mind that extension and torsion are really two categories of springs. For example, there are various types of extension springs. Equally, there are various types of torsion springs. It is easy to break them all down into two categories due to how they operate. Extension springs are the most common. They are usually cheaper to buy, replace, and install. Torsion springs last longer and move your garage door more smoothly. It is possible to switch between the two types of springs, but that is something you should leave up to a professional repair service.

Extension Springs

These springs look exactly like other types of springs. They are exposed, so you should have no trouble seeing them on the sides of your overhead garage door. They are coiled springs with hooks at their ends. They stretch when you open the garage door. If the garage door is too heavy for the spring, it can stretch too much and break. In addition, extension springs represent a part of on an overall garage door support system.

Torsion Springs

Torsion, or torque, springs sit in the garage door header. These springs are more like coils that twist around a shaft. They hang parallel to the ground. It uses a winding and unwinding motion to open your garage door. Imagine the spring on a clothespin, and you will have a good idea as to how these work. These springs do not stretch, so they do not break like extension springs do.

Repairing Your Garage Door Springs

There are many dangers associated with attempting to swap out or repair garage spring issues. This is especially true of extension springs. They are under a tremendous amount of pressure. They can break and cause serious damage and harm. You can repair both types of springs yourself, but it is best to let a professional do it for you. For garage door service in Orange County, residents can and should contact qualified garage door technicians.