Which Type of Garage Door Springs Should I Get?

Does your garage door jump up and down on its tracks? Does it have trouble moving up and down its tracks? Your garage door springs are not working as they should. To save on home maintenance costs, it’s essential that you find the right springs. You can buy one of two types of garage springs. This article will tell you the differences between them as well as which ones you should buy.

Standard Garage Door Springs

A common type of garage spring is the standard torsion spring. These types of springs are coiled like the Slinky, a popular childhood toy. These types of springs can operate for around 10,000 work cycles. Cycles measure the durability of a spring. A cycle gets measured by one round of your garage door moving up and down. Most garage doors get the standard torsion spring. Some garage doors have dual springs. Take notes as to what type of springs your garage needs to work as it should.

High Cycle Garage Springs

High cycle springs tend to be a little more expensive. But you can get more out of these springs than from the standard springs. Some of the other benefits you can get from high cycle springs include ease of use. These types of springs are easier on the functioning of the door. If you have an older garage door, high cycle springs may not be an option. This is because older doors aren’t set up for a higher number of door cycles.

Options for Homeowners with Newer Garage Doors

If you have a newer garage door system, high cycle springs can be an option for you and your home. But call the experts in Orange County garage installation before you buy springs. You don’t want to make any purchases before you know which springs are best for your garage.