Should You Open Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone?

Over the past couple of years, innovations in smartphone technology have increased by leaps and bounds. Wanting to provide customers with extra conveniences, many garage door operators have integrated their remote control functions into cellphone apps. But is the convenience worth the risk? The following list includes some of the pros and cons of having your garage door remote attached to your phone.

The Pros of Combining a Garage Door Remote With Your Smartphone

Perhaps the most convenient part of adding your garage door remote to your cellphone is that you no longer have to carry an additional remote with you. This can also help in the event that you forget to close the garage door on your way to work. Even if you aren’t sure if you left your door open, having peace of mind that you can always check on your device is enough of a benefit for anyone to add it. Lastly is affordability. Losing a remote can be costly and time-consuming. Thus, it’s safe to say that most people would rather re-download an app than wait days for a new remote.

The Cons of Adding an Opener to Your Device

Each day, it seems that there is a new report on the news about a large company being hacked into and stealing their customer’s information. Although this might sound like a scare tactic, the risk of being hacked is very real. Hackers who know a company’s system might not take the risk of hacking into it. Instead, they will target individuals in an attempt to obtain their remote control code. As you can tell, this can leave you extremely vulnerable to having your possessions stolen while you’re away at work or school. It may be wise to ask a company that provides garage repairs in Long Beach that has expertise in technology to add extra layers of security to your garage door motor.