Protecting a Garage Door From Pest Invasions

If a homeowner has a wooden garage door, it could be susceptible to being eaten by termites, carpenter ants or mice. This may be especially true if the wood has been weakened by water, wind or other elements. The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to prevent pests from coming into the home through the garage.

Add Metal Flashing Wherever Possible

Mice and rats are experts at chewing through wood or rubber. However, they lack the skills to chew through metal. Therefore, you can keep a door safe from rodents by having a professional install a strip of metal flashing along the bottom and the sides of the door. This may need to be done even if the door has weather sealing on it. It may also be possible to add copper or wire mesh along any existing holes in the door as rodents don’t like chewing through those substances.

Keep the Garage Clean

Another way to keep pests away from a garage and its door is to keep the space clean. This may mean storing trash cans or recycling bins outside the home or somewhere other than the garage. Those who choose to store trash cans in the garage should be sure to have them washed or replaced regularly. Keeping dirt, grass and other debris away from the garage may also make it less likely that pests will find something that attracts them to the door.

Don’t Wait to Repair Existing Damage

While it may be possible to use stopgap measures to prevent pests from exploiting existing door damage, it may be best to fix the issue entirely. Working with a garage door repair Orange County service provider may make it possible to repair or replace a door in a timely manner. This may help to keep pests away, which may make the entire home safer and more comfortable to live in.