Three Ways to Reduce Ultraviolet Radiation Damage to Garage Doors

Garage doors make up a great deal of the exterior surface of your home. If the door receives regular exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, it could wear out and start to look shabby within a few short years. An Orange County garage door installation company could install a garage door replacement if sunlight has caused severe damage to the garage door. Take these actions to prevent your new garage door from having the same fate.

Choose a Door With a UV-Resistant Coating

The newest generation of garage doors features a UV-resistant coating. This coating is designed to deflect the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. A garage door with this coating could last longer than a garage door without it. The protective coating helps the door’s finish to remain intact. It also reduces peeling, cracking and fading caused by the UV rays. These coatings come pre-installed on garage doors made of metal or plastic.

Apply a Reflective Paint

A wood or metal garage door could be protected from the sun’s UV rays with the application of a reflective paint. For the best results, choose a reflective exterior paint that is light in color. Most garage doors will require some preparation before they can be painted. The door should be clean, dry and primed before the paint is applied.

Apply a Protective Film to the Windows

If your garage door has windows, consider applying a protective film to the surface of the glass. This type of a film is similar to the UVA/UVB coating that is applied to a pair of polarized sunglasses. The film reflects the UVA and UVB rays back into the environment. This helps to reduce excessive wear and tear around the window frames. Without the protective film, the frames could become loose or the caulking could develop cracks.