Three Great Materials to Use for Garage Doors

When dealing with a garage door service in Orange County, keep in mind that garage doors can be made from many different materials, so you’ll know what you want from them. Some materials are better suited for certain types of garage doors, but it will mostly come down to personal preference and your budget. Here are three of the most common materials used in garage doors as well as some good and bad points of each material.

Steel: The Strongest Materials

Using steel for a garage door will ensure that you have a strong door that’s going to last for a very long time. Steel is great because it’s strong, durable, relatively affordable, and resists rusting with the right paint. It’s also really good for insulating your garage from extreme weather. However, keep in mind that steel doors are very heavy. Because of this you may have to replace things like springs and chains more often than you would with other materials.

Wood: The Most Elegant Material

Wood is a great versatile material that can produce an unlimited number of designs and styles to match your home. Wood is elegant and can give your garage a timeless look. However, it’s expensive and high-maintenance. You have to make sure you shield it from extreme weather, bugs, cracks, and more.

Fiberglass: The Most Inexpensive Material

Fiberglass is a very affordable material that can be painted to look like just about any other material that you want. While it’s not as durable as the other materials, it is easier to work with. It’s lightweight and you don’t have to worry about the high-maintenance issues that wood has.