Common Causes for an Automatic Garage Door Failure

Automatic doors are a staple for the average American home. What won’t most admit is that these doors need to be maintained or repaired eventually. Let’s go into a few common causes that might leave your door unusable.

Obstructed Imaging

The photo eye of the door detects if an object is in the way and will trigger its a safety mechanism to stop closing. When this photo eye is extremely dirty, it will act as if the door is always obstructed and you won’t be able to close the door without using the manual override.

Wipe it clean using a lens cloth with some cleaner or alcohol. Even if it only seems like a few specs, keeping it spotless would allow you to avoid this problem.

The Track Is Off

The track of your garage door is a rail system so that your door may linearly open or close smoothly. If this track is ever damaged, obstructed or warped in any way, you will have a hard time getting that door to move.

A professional should come in to inspect your track to make sure that everything is aligned or that there is any damage to the track. If the door is accidentally hit by a vehicle, and even if there is no visible damage, the track should be inspected before anything. Hire a reputable company to perform a Orange County garage door repair to make sure everything is up to standard.

Broken or Poorly Installed Cables

The cables are what carry the weight of the garage door and go hand in hand with its springs. Obviously, these cables are important as a door will slam shut or fail to open if they are ever broken.

If the cables ever seem the least bit frayed, it is an immediate sign that they should be replaced. At the same time, door accidents also commonly occur when amateurs try to install it themselves, leading to damage poorly fitted cables that allow that door to fall shut. Think about the property damage you can prevent by having properly installed cables.