Three Signs Showing It’s Time to Repair the Garage Door

Many people do their best to avoid repairing their garage door. They think it’s either a waste of time, money or they don’t know when it’s a serious issue. These three warning signs will tell you that it’s time to get a repair expert involved so that you don’t have to replace the whole unit.

Garage Won’t Open or Close

Out of all the signs, this is probably the most obvious. At this point, you have to do something to get the garage fixed. Some people jump to the extreme and get the garage completely replaced, but that’s not always required. Sometimes this is just a matter of faulty wiring or a sensor issue.

Consider garage door repair in Irvine before jumping the gun and having the whole garage replaced. This will cost much less and greatly improves the longevity of your existing garage door.

Off the Tracks

This is one of those problems that often starts off small but gets much worse with time. Some older or warped garage doors will come off the tracks. If the door still moves, then it will likely be very loud. If the door is completely off the track, then it may not move or it might even fall over.

Failing to have this repaired to lead to much worse problems with the garage door and the entire track. Professionals are required to ensure that this issue is properly corrected.

Sagging Sections

Older or improperly maintained garage doors often face this issue. When the garage is closed, you may see noticeable gaps between the sections or a section might look like it’s leaning one way or the other. This can lead to small problems like air getting in or larger problems like the garage eventually losing all function.