How to Spot a Garage Pest Infestation

It is not uncommon for pests such as ants, spiders or mice to enter your home through the garage. In some cases, they choose to make your garage their home as it gives them access to food, warm temperatures and a safe place to raise their young. Let’s look at some signs of a pest infestation in an effort to help you spot and put a stop to it as soon as possible.

Do You See Chewed or Cut Wires?

Mice, rats and other rodents like to chew and gnaw on electrical wires. Therefore, if you see a wire is frayed, broken or has teeth marks on it, it is a good sign of a possible pest problem. If an electrical wire is broken, a garage door may be difficult or impossible to open and close properly. You may also face problems turning lights on and off inside of the space.

There Could Be Holes in the Walls or the Door Itself

If you notice holes in the walls of your garage, it could be caused by mice or rats. Smaller holes could be caused by carpenter ants or other tiny insects eating away at wood or other material that they consume as food. You may also notice that there are holes in the garage door itself, and this could be a sign that carpenter ants, termites or other insects have chosen to make that their home for the long haul.

What Happens After the Pests are Gone?

If your garage does have a pest problem, it is important to have that issue remedied quickly. After the pests are gone, a company that provides garage repair in Long Beach can put a new door up in a matter of hours. Emergency service may be available for those who don’t want to leave their homes vulnerable for hours or days because the garage door is damaged or missing.