Signs Your Garage Door Isn’t Safe to Use

Garage doors have many different parts and are prone to malfunctioning at times. If the feature needs to be repaired and has an issue, it may be putting your family at risk. If you want to determine if the garage door isn’t safe to use, there are a few signs to look for when inspecting the parts.

The Door is Unbalanced

A garage door that isn’t balanced correctly is at risk of becoming jammed or falling when it’s in use. The weight of the garage door may have shifted, which can put extra pressure on the garage door springs and can cause the parts to snap. Without getting contacting a professional to perform Orange County garage door repair, the problem can lead to the garage door opener malfunctioning, which can require it to be replaced. A few signs that the garage door is unbalanced is if it struggles to open or close and if it looks uneven.

The Door Gets Stuck Halfway

You may begin to notice that the garage door gets stuck halfway, which means that underlying issues are present. One of the most common causes is that the pulley is malfunctioning, which is responsible for lifting the door with the vertical cables. There may also be an obstruction that is present or damage to the rollers, hinges, or tracks. You’ll need to hire a professional to diagnose the issue to determine if it can be repaired.

Loud Noises

Loud or irritating noises are a sign that your garage door is not safe to use and can be due to loose hardware or rollers that need to be lubricated. Without greasing up the parts, it can cause the track to deteriorate and become worn down. The hinge or rollers may also need to be replaced and can put you at risk if new parts aren’t installed in the near future.