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What Technicians Check During Garage Door Inspections

Perhaps the most convenient component of your home is the garage door. It provides homeowners with shelter and protection. However, because it is also heavily used, it’s often the first thing within the home to show some wear and tear. When left unchecked, the garage door can quickly go from a convenience to a costly burden. Read on to learn some of the most important things that technicians check during garage door inspections.

Garage Door Inspections Can Identify Safety Hazards

Although these inspections are conducted to keep your door working, they are also performed to keep you and your family safe. Perhaps the most common issue that can lead to a dangerous situation is having broken or cracked cables. These cables are dangerous to leave unrepaired for two reasons. One includes the amount of tension they hold. If they snap, they can severely injure a person. The second includes what they are actually doing, which is holding up the garage door. A door that comes crushing down can not only damage the door but injure someone.

Your Garage Door Tracks

The tracks, which are located above, provide your door with a smooth system for it to move up and down. However, much like the door, they will also show any signs of wear and tear. A professional inspector will look over this area to find out if any of the track is bent or filled with debris such as leaves. If it’s heavily damaged, you may want to seek a professional company to provide garage door service in Orange County to receive a professional and safe repair.

Garage Door Insulation

The purpose of door insulation is to both keep you comfortable and prevent your utility bill from skyrocketing. Therefore, a technician will always report on the state of the insulation. Things to look out for are holes created by pests such as rats and any type of mold or dirt accumulating within it.