Understanding the benefits that wood and metal can provide for your next garage door can be hugely beneficial when it’s time to decide on which material to use.

Wood Vs. Steel Garage Doors

Two of the most popular materials used for garage door construction are wood and steel. When you’re purchasing a new garage door, you’re going to consider a number of variables to help you decide which material to use, including your budget and how much maintenance you’ll need to do. If you’re currently attempting to decide between wood and steel, the following should help make this decision a little easier.


If you’re on a budget, the price is going to be an important factor in your final decision. Wood doors are the more expensive of the two due to the difference in the cost of the material. There’s also more time involved in building wooden garage doors because they’re constructed in several layers to avoid issues with warping. Metal doors, in general, are more affordable to produce than wood doors. Most metal doors consist of two layers of galvanized steel, which creates a very durable end product. Although steel doors don’t typically come with insulation, it’s possible to have insulation added to your door. However, this will bring the price closer to that of a wood door.


If the main goal of your new garage door installation is to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, you may consider wood to be the better option. The red and brown tones of timber create a warm and inviting tone, which is why wood is often the preferred option for anyone who favors aesthetics over price or maintenance. You can also have these doors carved or handcrafted for extra customization. As for steel, these types of doors can be made to appear like any material, including wood. A steel door with a wood-grain texture is a fine – and cost-effective – alternative to an actual wood door.


When it comes to maintenance, wood doors require a substantial amount of upkeep. They may need to be refinished on a regular basis to keep them looking brand new. These doors are also heavier, so they can put a lot of strain on your garage door opener. Comparatively, steel doors don’t require much maintenance, although they can become dented and scratched. Choose a thicker, more durable steel door to avoid such issues.