Security Features for Garage Doors

Older garage doors have the potential to compromise the security of your home. However, thanks to design innovations and new technology, your garage door installation in Orange County can be as secure as all the other doors in your residence. The security features below will keep both your possessions and your loved ones safe from intruders. They not only include advanced technology but consist of basic mechanical tweaks to make the doors harder to open by unauthorized people.

Encrypted Wireless Remotes for Garage Doors

Technology makes our lives easier, but it also opens the door to garage security risks that did not exist in the past. For instance, older garage door openers are an easy target for code grabbers or hackers who look for ways to intercept remote opening codes to give them access to your home.

This means that it is vital for you to invest in a newer model with the latest remote opening technology. New openers have built-in security features that include encryption and rolling opening codes that generate different combinations constantly, making them almost impossible to crack.

Emergency Trolley Release Design: One of the Most Important Security Features

Maybe one of the most common strategies that thieves use to break into garages is through the use of the door’s emergency trolley release cord. When they pull the cord, it allows them to operate your garage door manually from outside, offering a serious avenue for them to breach your home security. Thieves commonly use a wire hanger or something similarly simple to access a crack in your garage door, pull the emergency release cord and then open the door.

This is one case where you can solve the problem without the need for complicated technology. New, high-quality door openers come equipped with a simple tweak that resolves this design flaw. They need you to pull the emergency cord backward, not down, to release it. This is still as easy for you to operate when you are in an emergency, but difficult for intruders to take advantage of.

Remote Lockout System

The remote lockout is a handy little feature available on modern garage door installations that allows you to disable all of your garage door remotes and only leave the keypad active. In most cases, you can activate the feature by holding down your Lock button or similar key located on your wall station.

This feature is specifically useful in case you lose your remote, or it is stolen. It is also handy if you are away from your home for a long time.