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Disability-Friendly Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach

If you have a disabled or elderly member of your family, you should investigate making some home improvements. One way of doing this is scheduling garage door repair Huntington beach or installing a more accessible and safer garage door. Here are some ways of making your precision garage door disability friendly.

Lower Your Garage Buttons

Most garage buttons are found at the head level. These buttons often include the buttons required to operate not just the door but also the lighting and conditioning systems. As you can probably imagine, this may be a problem for a physically challenged person. Consider lowering your garage door buttons to allow everybody access to them. Consider setting a password for each function to prevent minors from pushing any of the controls.

Automatic Garage Door

An automated precision garage door is one of the most beneficial improvements for a house with a disabled member or tenant. Although typical garage door switches, buttons, and remote-controlled systems appear straightforward, they may cause problems and become challenging for your impaired counterparts.

Automatic garage doors are incredibly convenient and disable-friendly since they open and close with little effort because they are sensor-operated. If you choose an automatic garage door, you should invest in high-quality door sensors that are easily noticeable. It’s also a good idea to check your automated garage door sensors regularly to ensure they’re operating correctly and without problems.

Install a Ramp

Installing a ramp connecting to the garage door may be beneficial to persons with disabilities. Because homes are constructed higher than garages to prevent potentially dangerous gases from entering the residence, adding a ramp is necessary for disabled individuals.

Always follow the safe slope criteria when creating a ramp for disabled residents. Typically, 12 inches of sloped surface space is required per each inch of ramp increase. The landing should be at least 55 feet long at both the bottom and top of the ramp. If the ramp contains any turns, you should construct an additional landing.

Garage Door

Smart garage doors, like automated garage doors, give those with impairments easy access. Installing a smart garage door may be ideal for you if you or a loved one has difficulties using standard garage door switches and clickers due to impairment or for some other reason. You can use an app on your tablet or smartphone to operate your smart garage door instead of switches or buttons.

Thanks to smart technology, individuals may open and close a smart garage door within proximity or across longer distances. This technology may also notify you if you have left the garage door open. Suppose you or another person has a memory-related condition. In that case, you may be entitled to certain major security modifications that allow you to monitor your door security from any place at any time.


Certain forms of garage door insulation can be quite advantageous to disabled people. Installing additional installation in your garage door, such as wood, fiberglass, or lightweight metal, helps to keep the weather at bay. This is especially useful for physically challenged people during the chilly months, when loading and unloading tasks may take longer.

Lengthen the Emergency Release Rope

You cannot always be present in an emergency. Errands and other duties can sometimes get in between. But you’ll still want to ensure that your disabled family members will be able to escape when emergencies arise. The emergency release pull rope is one of the most ignored aspects of a garage door. If your automated door gadget fails, this cord is a backup emergency escape. Nevertheless, most of them are elevated to standing height. As a result, you should lengthen the cord to the ground level, where somebody with impairments may readily pull it if necessary.

Widen Your Door or Doorway

If you or someone else in your household is impaired, you should consider widening your garage door or the entryway leading from the garage to your house. A broad entryway is advantageous for disabled people since bigger entrances frequently require wheelchair-bound family and friends to enter your premises without difficulty.

When extending your garage doorway, remember that the entryway leading from the garage to the home must be a minimum of 32 inches wide. You may expand your garage entryway by removing your door, installing new hinges (usually swing-away hinges), flipping the door swings so that it opens wider, removing any wood stock around the opening, and replacing your present door with a larger one.

Invest in Automatic Lights

Installing modern and automatic lighting is a terrific approach to increasing the security of your garage door. The automatic lights are typically LED lights that operate by sensor detection. When they detect motion, the lights will illuminate accordingly. This can be extremely useful when attempting to scare away potential intruders because the light makes them noticeable and can frighten them away. It can also help alert neighbors if somebody is near your garage door, thus providing additional security.

Furthermore, additional lighting from garage window installations may be quite advantageous for disabled household members in terms of having the best vision when navigating within and outside your garage with ease.

Install Safety Features

Adding garage door safety features will ensure your garage door is disable-friendly. Consider installing wireless garage keypads, biometric scanning, pin codes, and motion-activated cameras on or near your precision garage door. Some of these security measures can improve a physically challenged person’s accessibility by removing the need for remotes or keypads, which can be difficult to operate. Furthermore, these safety features might improve your security by protecting your home from possible intruders and robbers.

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Wooden garage doors require Irvine garage door repair to prevent water from settling within and causing damage. Because many modern garage doors are composed of metal, they are less likely to require repair from water damage.

However, it is still necessary to inspect your garage door once a year for signs it needs repairs. This is especially true if your door has metal components that may corrode and deteriorate over time.

Get Home Improvement Funding

If the average cost of home improvements is prohibitively expensive for you, you may always apply for house improvement grants to upgrade your garage. You may use these home improvement subsidies to expand your doorway and garage door to be more accessible for persons in wheelchairs. Most subsidies will pay the costs of a ramp or lift to make it simpler for disabled people to access their cars in the garage.

Walk-through Doors

A garage door walk-through is basically a tiny door placed within your garage door that may be utilized without opening the door itself. Walk-through garage doors are especially convenient for persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs since they allow easy entry and exit.

Making your garage door disability accessible does not need you to invest in costly upgrades. It’s sometimes enough to inspect your door and ensure it’s operating properly so everyone can go in and out fast. Repairing, replacing, or upgrading your garage door is a job for a professional. Contact Garage Door Orange County to learn more about our garage door repair Huntington Beach services and disability accessibility solutions.