Save Money On Energy Bills Through A New Garage Door

You might have seen that despite trying to save on electricity, your energy bill goes up every month. If you do some digging, you might have learned that the energy leaks came from your garage door. The problem could stem from the heat and the cooler air getting lost through your garage door.

If you want your garage door to get installed by the experts in garage door repair Irvine, consider the factors outlined in this article so that you get a door that will help you lower your energy bills.

Wood End Blocks

The section end blocks of your door keep the insulation material right where it belongs. They also secure the hinges to the end of your door. With weatherstripping and glue joints, a link will come from the metal sheets in the door’s interior and exterior. The type of end blocks that your garage repair technician uses for your door will determine your garage door’s energy efficiency.

You could use steel sheets, which get cut to your door’s length. Steel end caps close the ends. However, steel sheets can cause a phenomenon known as “thermal bridging.” Thermal bridging causes the heat to go in and out of your garage.

Wood end blocks act as a better option for these purposes. That’s because heat does not transfer through the wood. What happens instead is what is known as a “thermal break.” This process ensures that no heat gets lost in colder weather.

Door Joints

One method that a lot of companies use with the garage door joints is attaching steel sheets that cover the door’s insulation with glue and staples. This can cause heat to transfer, something you don’t want. A good technician will use high-quality weatherstripping to prevent unwanted heat transfers from happening.


If you don’t have good weatherstripping on the bottom and ends of your door, the weatherstripping will harden when the weather starts to get cold. Then your home won’t get the protection that it requires.

To keep your energy costs low, you will need to consider factors beyond your door’s R-value. Since you now know how to lower your energy bills, you can select the right garage door for your home.